About The Trainer


About the trainer

Born & Bred in Singapore, Md Salaudin Adam aka DONN 42,

-Manhunt Finalist & Award Winner 2001

-School of Excellence (SOE) 2002

-National Academy of Sports Medicine

-Fitness Anywhere (TRX) 2006

-Kick Boxing (IKF) Certified 2006

-Singapore Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Self Employed Fitness Lifestyle Consultant, Professional Personal Trainer, Your Partner in Fitness & Health,

Insists on providing Unique Fitness Programs to MEN & WOMAN. He brings over more than 18 years of FITNESS EXPERTISE and EXPERIENCE to this Business.


It was an opportunity of his lifetime which he grabbed not wanting to let go, ever. From PASSION to ENTREPRENEUR, Fitness has always been part of his daily life. Not only does he find satisfaction in what he does, but turning the IMPossible to I Am Possible attitude keeps him going and going and going. The mind over body game not only thought him how to be determined but to achieve anything and everything he wanted in life.

He was appreciated for his contributions in International Fitness centers such as California Fitness, Fitness First, Sky Fitness, Planet Fitness, True Fitness, Vincharm Spa & Fitness Club (Hanoi), Body Craft Fitness & Elite Core Fittness Club & Studio.

He had and will be capturing the market on individuals who has very little time to spend in the fitness center and relish quick results within the shortest period of time.

Spending past years researching and developing new programs to suit different categories of individuals that need specialized conditioning and fitness beyond the physical self, his programs are customized to complement every unique individual who requires fundamental and special to immediate attention. He will be consistently striving to bring you better programs each time. This led to the INVENTION of the “DONN’S TRAINING SYSTEM” in 2006. The “DONN’s TRAINING SYSTEM” is all about training your body in accordance to body movements in the most Bio Mechanically efficient way possible. To know more & get benefited from this “UNIQUE” Fitness Training System which has helped all of his clients Fitness Progress & Satisfaction which GUARANTEES RESULTS, 

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Actually, it was a total accident. Frankly speaking, I’ve never thought of becoming a Personal Trainer at all. 18 years ago, after my National Service, I was doing some modelling work promoting casual wear for some small companies in order to earn some extra bucks. Since my income was not sufficient, I was always looking through the papers for new opportunities when I came across the Manhunt Contest in 2001. Well, even though I didn’t have a nice body at that time, I took part in it simply for more exposure for myself. And guess what? I was one of the finalists and even won an award – which was so unbelievable!

After the 4-month contest, I took a 2 weeks break and started looking for work opportunities again. I happened to be traveling along Orchard Road in a bus towards home after a job interview. I passed by California Fitness Orchard and something struck me to turn back and take a second glimpse at it. I had a strong feeling that I should just try my luck and see if something could work out. The next day, I went there for an interview with my tie on. Many people recognized me from the Manhunt contest. Wow! That was a great feeling! Interview was done, and I started work immediately the following week. That was how I got involved in the fitness industry. Now it has become my passion – a passion which I’ve always thought not possible.

What’s the best thing about being a Fitness Professional?
The whole works – walking the talk, building discipline, having dedication, following sound nutrition, working-out, feeling energetic and looking good.

What’s the worst thing then about being a Fitness Professional?
The pressure and stress of always having to set an example for others to follow.

Can you tell us more about your fitness philosophy?
I believe that Fitness is one of the most important things in life that you shouldn’t compromise on with anything else – at all times. No matter what, you have to put aside at least 3-hours a week minimum, without fail, in order to have a healthier & stronger you. Yes, work comes first, I’m not denying the fact, but I’m not telling you to compromise your health with wealth. At the end of the day, what is Wealth without Health, think about it!

DONN is an experienced Singapore-based Fitness Lifestyle Consultant and Professional Personal Trainer.
Certified in multiple fitness disciplines and bringing more than 14 years of practical fitness expertise and experience to this business.Having worked in numerous commercial fitness establishments, including: California Fitness, Planet Fitness, Sky Fitness & Vincharm Spa & Fitness Club (Hanoi, Vietnam), DONN insists on providing only the best and most unique fitness programs to his clients here in Singapore & Internationally.

DONN is a fun, easy-going, yet ambitious and hardworking person by nature. Right now, DONN focuses on providing fitness services to individuals who have very little time to spend in the fitness center and who wants to relish quick results within the shortest period of time. This was when PersonalTrainer.sg’s ‘Fitness at your Doorstep’ was born.



Over the years, DONN has attained the following STELLAR Achievements:

Oct 1995 – Won BRONZE medal for National Physical Fitness Test (1995 & 1996)
Apr 2000 – Awarded Black Belt in TAE-KWON-DO
Oct 2000 – Won 2nd placing (Silver Award) for Inter-Troop Boxing Competition
Nov 2001 – Won the Title & Trophy Mr. Personality 2001 from MANHUNT
Mar 2003 – Won Top Personal Trainer Trophy for Top in Sales for Personal Training
Aug 2006 – Won Top Personal Trainer Trophy for Top in Sales for Personal Training
Aug 2008 – Won Top Personal Trainer Trophy for Top in Sales for Personal Training


As a Fitness Club General Manager at Vincharm Spa & Fitness Club (Vietnam, Hanoi), DONN also carried out the following initiatives:
Carrying out comprehensive market research.
Advising on purchase of equipment.
Advising on lay-out of the Fitness Center.
Advising on kinds of services provided to customers.
Advising on methods for operation and management of the Fitness Center, including Systematic Business. Management Processes, Customer Relationship Processes, Operation Processes.
Establishment of SOP for the Gymnasiums.
Establishment of the POS Standard Reporting System for the Management and Operation.
Advising on preparing documents associated with the management and operation, including but not limited to: documents for introduction of services, documents for customers evaluation ,and establishing and preparing exercising programs.
Advising on hiring of appropriate trainers & training them.
Advising on hiring of appropriate stewards for juice bar & training them.
Advising on types of supplements to be used.
Advising on set-up of sports bar and menu.
Providing necessary training on matters relating to the gymnasiums and management and operation thereof.

As a Self-Employed Fitness Lifestyle Consultant & Professional Personal Trainer, DONN now focuses on:
Identifying and converting potential prospects with personal training.
Conducting personal training and making sure clients health goals are being met in the shortest period of time professionally.
Retaining clients for personal training.
Sourcing and dealing with potential investors for setting up of new fitness chains.

Now that the DEMAND for “Fitness at your Doorstep” has been increasing over the years, He’ve decided to serve the Community with Pride with his Well VIGOROUSLY selected Team. His Forsight to get together the Best Personal Trainers in Singapore to form a team, that would serve anyone who is interested in Transforming Lives Through Fitness. He is fully dedicated in what he does and promises to deliver the best service possible to you. Results and Satisfaction, GUARANTEED!


Finding a personal trainer who makes you feel comfortable enough to expose your biggest flaws can be challenging. But they’re called “PERSONAL TRAINERS” for a reason — they’re there to guide you through your personal fitness goals, and to do so, they need to fit with your personality.

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