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The Personal Trainer cost is a function of which package is purchased. In order for me to suggest which Personal Training package suits you most, I have found it most effective to start with a free consultation where we meet in order to get more background information from you, to see you in person, and to see how well the Personal Training program will fit your interests and goals. I also give you more detailed information about the Personal Training, how the Personal Training programs are done. For a concise description of Personal Trainer Cost, to learn more about Personal Training with or want more information on Personal Fitness Training, do feel free to drop me a line at and I’ll get back to your queries immediately.

I offer my Personal Training services at your Doorsteps, fully equipped. If your vicinity doesn’t have such facilities as gyms, fitness center, health club or private Personal Training studios, I can provide my Personal Training services at Gym 360 situated at No.1 Nanson Road, off Mohaned Sultan Road.

My Personal Training is for anyone who wants to optimize their time & effort in the gym and to accomplish their fitness goals the most effective way possible. Even though some of my Personal Training clients have been professional athletes, Olympic athletes, and local stars, many of my Personal Training clients are people who want to lose weight, tone their muscles, to look good and feel good. Even though most of my Personal Training is focused on body sculpting, weight loss, and muscle toning, it’s also for body balancing, injury recovery and injury prevention.

Your Personal Training program you can expect is a function of where you are right now/ your initial level of fitness, where you want to be / your fitness goal, what you have been doing up to now / your fitness history, your diet / nutrition, and your genetics. Most of my Personal Training programs don’t require as high intensity workouts, as many people think, and in fact, may not be as effective as other workouts. My Personal Training is fun, and it should be to make it more of a lifestyle change, so it becomes a regular part of your life after Personal Training with a Personal Trainer, so you will continue with the benefits regular exercise and healthy eating. You can expect the best, most effective workout and diet nutrition program for your unique body and individual goals. My Personal Training will make you achieve your goals faster, safer, and more efficiently. My Personal Training will give you the most effective workouts, to optimize your time to maximize your results. You will get what you paid for!

My Personal Training is all about attitude. Health and fitness is a way of life and on how you look at things. And it’s also about body balance, exercising for your muscles to be balanced, and eating balanced and correctly for your fitness goals, having the physically active body requires to be healthy, to feel and be your best.

The length of time you will see results depends on your initial level of fitness, diet nutrition, genetics, and your commitment. If you are committed, I can promise you to see your fitness results in a shorter amount of time you are realistically expecting. Most people want results instantly or don’t think they can look a certain way because of bone structure or how they always have looked. If I have a client who is committed to archiving their fitness results, I have transformed their bodies better than they had thought was possible.

You will see and feel results the first day you start Personal Training on my Personal Training program. You will be shown proper exercise form and correct exercise technique, which optimizes the efficiency of the exercise movement. Ninety eight percent of my Personal Training clients, from professional athletes, bodybuilders, to doctors, chiropractors say they never felt many of the exercises the correct way before. If it feels natural, it’s usually not the most effective exercise technique since the body has many defenses from pain, from utilizing mostly joints, which are stronger than muscles and protect the muscles from tearing off the bones, to exercise momentum. The body doesn’t like pain and will do what it can to not have it, but there is a distinct difference between good pain, “feeling the burn”, to bad pain, which stems from injury. Focusing on correct exercise form and technique incorporates more muscle throughout the exercise workouts which results in increased lean muscle, muscle toning, muscle strength, metabolism, and weight loss. Using correct exercise form and technique also increases muscle balance, which increases injury recovery and injury prevention. Your body will also feel more balanced and therefore, you will become much stronger.

If you want to lose more body fat and tone your muscles more than what you’ve been,
If you want to improve your diet and nutrition,
If you want to get as much out of your workouts as you possibly can and not just go through the motions,
If you want more motivation and be more consistent in your workouts,
If you want to have more energy, endurance, and enthusiasm,
If you want to look and feel better,
If you want to be more knowledgeable in your fitness knowledge,

Then YOU definitely need a Personal Trainer, without any doubt.

1) Motivation

Many people find that the hardest thing about exercising is finding the motivation within themselves to stick with a program. Getting a personal trainer is the perfect solution to this problem. A trainer is there to provide you with encouragement when you need that extra push.

2) Proper Exercise Technique

Many people fail to realize the importance of exercise technique. Aside from possibly injuring yourself, you may be cutting yourself short simply because you are not performing the exercises correctly. Small adjustments in technique can make a world of difference.

3) Program Design & Progression

If you want specific results you have to have a specific program. Wandering around the gym performing random exercises will not get you very far. A program must be designed that is specific to your individual needs and goals, and must carefully consider each program variable (ie. specific exercises, exercise order, time under tension, rest intervals, frequency, etc.). A qualified trainer knows how to manipulate these variables and progress a program to achieve a specific result.

4) Health Benefits

Exercise alone is responsible for an array of health benefits, including reduced risk for disease (cardiovascular, diabetes, etc.), weight loss, increased energy, improved mental outlook, and many more. While you can achieve some of these by just being more active, working with a trainer will help you achieve a level of fitness beyond what you thought possible.

5) Diet & Nutrition

The most important part of your weight loss program or being healthy is Meal planning, Recommendations for supplementation if needed, Nutritional strategies, Monitoring of your progress and fine-tuning of your diet & Healthy recipe sharing.

Whether you are a true beginner or a super-fit gym maniac, there are many reasons to consider personal training services.

Tailor-made training sessions
Personal attention
Goal-setting assistance
Monitor progress
Focused approach to achieve both long and short term goals
Proper techniques
Injury prevention guidance
Helpful tips and suggestions provided, enabling you to train more effectively
Accountability component to enhance self-discipline
Strategies for those who tend to over-train
Ongoing motivation and support
Nutritional tips provided
Answers to your training questions

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