Personal training begins the moment someone walks into the fitness centre, Gym or personaltraining studio. This means that personal training begins BEFORE the individual signs up for any training program. The primary objective of personal training is to motivate individuals to initiate a fitness program By using the services you provide or by training on their own.

Either way, your most important goal as a personal trainer is to motivate yourself and others to lead a healthy lifestyle. Qualified personal trainers begin working with any individual by first establishing the goals and interests of each individual.

A crucial part of this process is determining whether or not these goals and interests are realistic and attainable. The personal trainer must be honest with the individual or the program is doomed to failure before it ever begins.

The entire program developed from this point on should reflect these goals and interests along with other goals that may develop along the path to success.

Prior to initiating any program, the personal trainer needs to interview the individual about his or her medical history, exercise history and dietary history. Establishing health risks is vital to preventing accidents, injuries or more serious risks such as a heart attack or even death.

In addition to establishing health risks, the personal trainer needs to establish patterns of past successes and failures in exercise and nutrition. Patterns from failed attempts at fitness can help the personal trainer avoid similar pitfalls. To establish a starting point in the training program, the personal trainer needs to assess the individual’s current fitness level.

From this point, the personal trainer can design a comprehensive program ofexercise and nutrition. This program will be based upon the individual’s goals, medical history, exercise and nutrition history, present lifestyle and commitments, and, of course, sound exercise training principles.

Throughout the training process, the personal trainer’s primary tasks are to motivate the individual and to teach safe and effective exercise techniques. In addition to these tasks, overall success will also require giving practical advice on maintaining sound nutritional habits.

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